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www.amazon.cn Certificate - C91CBBCFE2B28E7F62DD9C58A062A0B83AA9C7D4
Certificate Summary: Subject: www.amazon.cn Issuer: VeriSign Class 3 Secure Server CA - G3 Expiration: 2013-02-22 23:59:59 UTC Key Identifier: C9:1C:BB:CF:E2:B2:8E:7F:62:DD: 9C:58:A0:62:A0:B8:3A:A9:C7:D4Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-10-24 www.amazon.cn Certificate - C91CBBCFE2B28E7F62DD9C58A062.. .
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💬 2017-01-26 Butthead: Whats really is that my husband is a lying cheater

How to Find the Java Keytool on Windows
How to find the Java Keytool on my Windows system? I think I have Java installed. Keytool is nice free certificate tool provided by Oracle as part of the Java software. If you have Java installed on your Windows computer, you can find it using these suggestions: 1. Try to find the folder "C:\Program...
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💬 2021-04-02 FYIcenter.com: @Samir, No, SQL Server does not come with Java. You need download and install it yourself.

💬 2021-03-26 Samir: Does SQL server 2017 comes with Java ?

💬 2020-12-09 J: thanks

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Password for "cacerts" - Java System Keystore
What is the password for the Java default trusted keystore file: "cacerts"? The Java Keytool prompts me for a password when I try to access it. The default password for the Java trusted keystore file is "changeit", as shown in the following tutorial: C:\Users\fyicenter>"\Pr ogramFiles\java\jr...
2017-05-04, 293460👍, 8💬

💬 2017-05-04 Dee: Sweet thats worked- thanks

💬 2017-04-04 Doug: Just what I was looking for, thank you!

💬 2017-03-14 Vlado: Very nice, thank you!

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Microsoft "certutil -delstore -user my ..." - Delete Certificate
How to delete a certificate from a certificate store with Microsoft "certutil" tool? If you want to delete a certificate from a certificate store, you can use the Microsoft "certutil -delstore store_name certificate_id" command as shown in this tutorial: C:\fyicenter>\windows\s ystem32\certuti...
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💬 2016-01-29 FYIcenter.com: @D Keetch, yes, we can provide more examples. But do you have a specific use case that needs some help?

💬 2016-01-25 D Keetch: one example is not enough to illustrate the usage

FYIcenter Public/Private Key Decoder and Viewer
How to decode a Public or Private Key and view its content? To help you to decode a Public or Private Key and view its detailed information, FYIcenter.com has designed this online tool. All you need to do is to paste your Public or Private key in PEM format into the input box and click the "Go" butt...
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💬 2021-02-28 GautamGreat: -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- MIICdwIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCAmEw ggJdAgEAAoGBAKhi8W9JYak3WtMg0BDq4ZZt unIpBzck64muzpeDmM4DYoFvmNA...


💬 2020-10-01 P: EDA017EBA532CD23754813203F4026C78EB9 089FB7DA16ABBC5220C87BEC3B3C9684E8181AE8AE56CBAEE40BA5B2778A9BA4 B59FF6C4FFFEB0B6E4BC288CC00...

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http://www.valicert.com/ Certificate - 4A5AB91A11389B9E3F0DFFE3B43979F8205718C2
Certificate Summary: Subject: http://www.valicert.com/ Issuer: http://www.valicert.com/ Expiration: 2019-06-26 00:19:54 UTC Key Identifier: 4A:5A:B9:1A:11:38:9B:9E:3F:0D: FF:E3:B4:39:79:F8:20:57:18:C2Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-10-25 http://www.valicert.com/ Certificate - 4A5AB91A11389B9E3F0D...
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💬 2017-06-17 FYIcenter.com: @peace, may be this article Why can't I upload or download media files? can help you.

💬 2017-06-14 peace: Please how do i contact whatsapp service providers? I am having problems with uploading(using Nokia x201)

💬 2017-04-30 Carmen: Good.

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Microsoft "certutil" Certificate Store Locations
How can I specify the search location of certificate stores for Microsoft "certutil" command? The document says that by default "certutil" searches for certificate stores at the local machine level. Microsoft "certutil" command allows you search certificate stores at 5 locations: 1. Local Machine (n...
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💬 2016-08-01 Tom: Meaningful comment.

Baltimore CyberTrust Root Certificate - E59D5930824758CCACFA085436867B3AB5044DF0
Certificate Summary: Subject Common Name (CN): Baltimore CyberTrust Root Issuer Common Name (CN): Baltimore CyberTrust Root Expiration (UTC): 2025-05-12 23:59:00 Key Identifier: E5:9D:59:30:82:47:58:CC:AC:FA: 08:54:36:86:7B:3A:B5:04:4D:F0Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-09-18 Baltimore CyberTrust ...
2020-09-22, 51238👍, 9💬

💬 2020-09-22 Catover203: Oh thank for the public-key

💬 2020-06-25 Dakota Thomas Ray Pearson: 79192617 serial number to last name Pearson.

💬 2019-02-09 736926936: 198504190151SWEDEN @ CELLPHONE 0046(0)736926936 0046736926936 , THE DARK TRIAD HIMMAPLAN AND NEUROSCIENCE PROJECT. 16wf8h4b2t1ED...

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List of Certificates in Java Trusted Keystore
What certificates are included in the Java default trusted certificate keystore file: "cacerts"? For each release, the Java team will review world-wide top level root CA (Certificate Authority) certificates at the release. All valid root CA certificates will be included in default trusted certificat...
2016-06-27, 48915👍, 3💬

💬 2016-06-21 FYIcenter.com: @GoDaddy,Go to Oracle.com to download and install the latest JDK. You will get a updated copy of the cacerts fie.

💬 2016-06-20 GoDaddy: Where to get the latest trusted certificate list?

💬 2015-10-10 Flecorne14: At some point and time.

Download Mozilla "certutil" Tool for Windows
How to download Mozilla "certutil" tool for Windows? I know it can be used to manage cert8.gb and key3.db files. If you want download Mozilla Certificate Database Tool "certutil" for Windows systems, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Go to the NSS FTP site for NSS 3.10 binary for Windows. The NSS (Ne...
2019-12-21, 48130👍, 3💬

💬 2019-12-21 zhy: very good

💬 2014-05-31 FYIcenter.com: @JBL, you are right. the Mozilla FTP server seems to have a problem. May be they will fix it later.

💬 2014-05-29 JBL: At this time the ftp directories indicated for the above downloads are apparently empty.

Adding Trusted Certificates for Java on Windows
How to add a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) certificate into Java default keystore on Windows? My Java application failed because the server certificate is signed by a new CA. If you are getting the "PKIX path building failed" error with this message: "sun.security.provider.certpat h.SunCertPathB...
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💬 2016-05-08 Rowdy: I had no idea how to approach this beoeof-nrw I'm locked and loaded.

💬 2012-12-31 FYIcenter.com: Read this article and see if it can help you out: Certificate not on phone or SIM - for S40 phones

💬 2012-12-28 Sena: How can i add authority Certificates in my Nokia X2-01 because i can't download Whatsupp messenger in my phone ts say i cannot c...

Downloading and Installing Portecle
How to download Portecle and install it for Windows or Linux? If you want to use Portecle to generate and manage certificates you can download and install Portecle on Windows or Linux systems following this tutorial. And it's free! 1. Go to Portecle download site. 2. Click "Files" in the menu. You s...
2017-07-29, 44991👍, 4💬

💬 2017-07-29 FYIcenter.com: @Walter, Tutorial updated now. Thanks for your comment!

💬 2017-07-28 Walter Hallows: Check accuracy. Step 5 is listed twice and "Portecle" is spelled "Fortecle" twice, in what should be step 6.

💬 2017-01-24 Rakhee Kulkarni: cool works!

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Start "certmgr.exe" on Windows
How to start "certmgr.exe" on Windows? I know it is installed on my system as part of Visual Studio. If you want start "certmgr.exe" on a Windows system with Visual Studio 8 installed, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Start a command line window. 2. Enter certmgr.exe with the full path name as shown...
2012-08-03, 41903👍, 0💬

Mozilla "certutil -A -i" - Add Root CA Certificate to cert8.db
How to add a root CA certificate into "cert8.db" file using Mozilla "certutil" tool? I have exported a root CA certificate file in PEM format If you want to add a root CA certificate into a "cert8.db" file from a certificate file, you can use the Mozilla "certutil -A -i" command as shown in this tut...
2016-06-27, 40393👍, 2💬

💬 2014-11-26 FYIcenter.com: Hi Jeff, if you follow the above tutorial starting from step #3, you should be able to import any existing certificate into Fire...

💬 2014-11-24 Jeff: How I can import existing .cer certificate to firefox database using command line?

Microsoft "certutil -store" Command Options
How can I use Microsoft "certutil -store" command? What are command options supported by "certutil -store"? The document says "Dump certificate store". Microsoft "certutil -store" command can be used to dump certificate information from a specified certificate store on the local Windows computer. He...
2020-12-08, 40290👍, 1💬

💬 2016-05-08 Boomer: This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any artlcies on rehab?

Export Server Certificate in IE to File
How to export the server certificate to a file in IE? I can view the server certificate used by the Website. On a Windows 7 system, you can not export a server certificate from IE if you don't have the admin permission. The "Copy to File..." button is grayed out on the certificate "Details" tab. Fol...
2016-06-27, 38574👍, 2💬

💬 2013-10-06 FYIcenter.com: Hi Stan, Thanks for the note. Yes, Firefox allows you to export server certificates.

💬 2013-10-04 Stan: Encountered same issue, used Firefox to export certificate I needed.

Tool for cert8.db and key3.db Files - Mozilla "certutil"
What tool to use to manage cert8.db and key3.db files directly? I know cert8.db and key3.db are used by Firefox to store CA certificates. cert8.db and key3.db are created by Firefox automatically to store CA certificates. Normally, you should use the Firefox built-in Certificate Manager to manage ce...
2019-09-20, 37870👍, 1💬

💬 2019-09-20 Hemendra: This is very helpful site

💬 2016-06-17 Jitesh: None

GTE CyberTrust Global Root Certificate - 2B3807196A75A09B18BFBBB8FF1795DE8B0908EA
Certificate Summary: Subject: GTE CyberTrust Global Root Issuer: GTE CyberTrust Global Root Expiration: 2018-08-13 23:59:00 UTC       Expired - Replacement Suggestion: Cybertrust Global Root Certificate Key Identifier: 2B:38:07:19:6A:75:A0:9B:18:BF: BB:B8:FF:17:95:DE:8B:09:...
2020-09-28, 37652👍, 10💬

💬 2020-09-28 Michael jimmy Ray DeLao: My trust funds was stold three teirs of data,give me it back.some getting locked up.

💬 2018-10-19 sailing: @fyicenter, thanks very much.

💬 2018-10-18 FYIcenter.com: @sailing and others, replacement suggestion is added.

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Chambers of Commerce Root - 2008 Certificate - F924AC0FB2B5F879C0FA60881BC4D94D029E1719
Certificate Summary: Subject: Chambers of Commerce Root - 2008 Issuer: Chambers of Commerce Root - 2008 Expiration: 2038-07-31 12:29:50 UTC Key Identifier: F9:24:AC:0F:B2:B5:F8:79:C0:FA: 60:88:1B:C4:D9:4D:02:9E:17:19Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-11-02 Chambers of Commerce Root - 2008 Certificat...
2019-03-03, 35107👍, 4💬

💬 2019-01-20 Adrienne shinozaki: please could I get my name on? Thank you for your time.

💬 2018-12-21 FYIcenter.com: @Luis, you are welcome!

💬 2018-12-20 Luís Roque: I hope your certificate is an added value in security! Thank you very much.

Certificate Stores Locations on Windows
Where system certificate stores are located on my Windows system? The way Microsoft keeps system certificate stores on Windows 10, 8, or 7 is complicated: Certificates are first saved in multiple physical store files hidden on the hard disk. Physical store files are then grouped into logical system ...
2020-10-17, 34068👍, 1💬

OpenSSL "ca" Error "./demoCA/newcerts: No such file or directory"
Why I am getting the "./demoCA/newcerts: No such file or directory" error when running OpenSSL "ca" command? If you are running the OpenSSL "ca" command installed with the slproweb binary package for Windows, you may get the "./demoCA/newcerts: No such file or directory" error as shown below: C:\Use...
2017-02-21, 32066👍, 2💬

💬 2017-02-21 FYIcenter.com: Hi sanakhan, thanks for the suggestion.

💬 2017-02-20 sanakhan: its simple just make another demoCA folder inside demoCA and put all files e.g certs,newcerts and serial text file inside it it ...

Start "certmgr.msc" on Windows
How to start "certmgr.msc" Management Console on Windows computer? I want to use it manage certificates on my computer. If you want start "certmgr.msc" Management Console on a Windows computer, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Open a new command window. 2. Enter "certmgr.msc" as a command: C:\fyicen...
2016-12-19, 32019👍, 1💬

Java "keytool -list" Command Options
What options are supported by the "keytool -list" command? Java Keytool can be used to manage certificates and private keys saved in a keystore file. The first you need to know is the "keytool -list command, which displays a list of all certificate and private key entries in a keystore file. The "ke...
2016-06-27, 31321👍, 2💬

💬 2014-03-08 FYIcenter.com: Hi vadvadf, what kind of help do you need?

💬 2014-03-07 vadvadf: no help at all

FYIcenter X.509 Certificate Decoder and Viewer
How to decode an X.509 certificate and view its content? To help you to decode X.509 certificate and view its detailed information, including public key components, FYIcenter.com has designed this online tool. All you need to do is to paste your certificate in PEM format into the input box and click...
2021-07-06, 31272👍, 10💬

💬 2021-07-06 Casper: How am I using it I don't understand

💬 2021-06-15 FYIcenter.com: @Toby, Yes. This is how the digital signature gets verified.

💬 2021-06-11 Toby: Is there a way to observe the digital signature and also to accurately perform a hash on the digital certificate in file or othe...

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