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PKCS #12 Export Error in Portecle
Why I am getting an error: "CryptoException: Could not save keystore"? when exporting my 4096-bit key pair to a PKCS #12 file? The main reason of getting this error in Portecle is that the key size is too big for the default security setting. See the details below: 1. Run Portecle and open "FYIcetne...
2022-06-20, 41032👍, 7💬

💬 2022-06-20 FYIcenter.com: @Tim, Thanks! ☺

💬 2022-06-14 Tim: This error could also be seen if the file permissions are stopping the save from occurring.

💬 2020-07-15 Yogesh Baral: Try opening up Portecle as an administrator.

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Tool for cert8.db and key3.db Files - Mozilla "certutil"
What tool to use to manage cert8.db and key3.db files directly? I know cert8.db and key3.db are used by Firefox to store CA certificates. cert8.db and key3.db are created by Firefox automatically to store CA certificates. Normally, you should use the Firefox built-in Certificate Manager to manage ce...
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💬 2019-09-20 Hemendra: This is very helpful site

💬 2016-06-17 Jitesh: None

Certum Trusted Network CA Certificate - 0876CDCB07FF24F6C5CDEDBB90BCE284374675F7
Certificate Summary: Subject: Certum Trusted Network CA Issuer: Certum Trusted Network CA Expiration: 2029-12-31 12:07:37 UTC Key Identifier: 08:76:CD:CB:07:FF:24:F6:C5:CD: ED:BB:90:BC:E2:84:37:46:75:F7Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-11-15 Certum Trusted Network CA Certificate - 0876CDCB07FF24F6C...
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List of Commands Supported in Microsoft CertUtil
What commands are supported in Microsoft CertUtil? Here is a complete list of commands supported in Microsoft CertUtil. You can get it using the "CertUtil -?" command: C:\fyicenter&gt;\windows\S ystem32\certutil-? Verbs: -dump -- Dump configuration information or files -asn -- Parse ASN.1 file -...
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Certificate Stores Locations on Windows
Where system certificate stores are located on my Windows system? The way Microsoft keeps system certificate stores on Windows 10, 8, or 7 is complicated: Certificates are first saved in multiple physical store files hidden on the hard disk. Physical store files are then grouped into logical system ...
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Microsoft "certutil -encode..." - Converte DER file to PEM
How to convert a certificate file in DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules) format to PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) format? I know that PEM file format uses printable characters only and is safe to be included emails. If you want to convert a certificate from DER format to PEM format, you can use the Micr...
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💬 2020-01-12 Y: Thank you!!!!

OpenSSL "ca" Error "lookup failed for ca::default_ca"
Why I am getting the "variable lookup failed for ca::default_ca" error when running OpenSSL "ca" command? You are getting the "variable lookup failed for ca::default_ca" error, because OpenSSL "ca" command can not find the required "default_ca" option in the configuration file. For example, if you h...
2022-04-11, 38706👍, 1💬

💬 2022-04-11 yaqeen: openssl ca -config myCA_openssl.cnf -policy policy_anything \ -md sha256 -days 3650 \ -in server.csr -out server.crt -batch \ -c...

Start "certmgr.msc" on Windows
How to start "certmgr.msc" Management Console on Windows computer? I want to use it manage certificates on my computer. If you want start "certmgr.msc" Management Console on a Windows computer, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Open a new command window. 2. Enter "certmgr.msc" as a command: C:\fyicen...
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Java "keytool -list" Command Options
What options are supported by the "keytool -list" command? Java Keytool can be used to manage certificates and private keys saved in a keystore file. The first you need to know is the "keytool -list command, which displays a list of all certificate and private key entries in a keystore file. The "ke...
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💬 2014-03-08 FYIcenter.com: Hi vadvadf, what kind of help do you need?

💬 2014-03-07 vadvadf: no help at all

VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority Certificate - B677FA6948479F5312D5C2EA07327607D1970719
Certificate Summary: Subject: VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority Issuer: VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority Expiration: 2037-12-01 23:59:59 UTC Key Identifier: B6:77:FA:69:48:47:9F:53:12:D5: C2:EA:07:32:76:07:D1:97:07:19Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-11-15 VeriSign Univ...
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💬 2021-01-28 kevin kingston: good.

Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority Certificate - BF5FB7D1CEDD1F86F45B55ACDCD710C20EA988E7
Certificate Summary: Subject: Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority Issuer: Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority Expiration: 2034-06-29 17:39:16 UTC Key Identifier: BF:5F:B7:D1:CE:DD:1F:86:F4:5B: 55:AC:DC:D7:10:C2:0E:A9:88:E7Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-09-19 Starfield Class 2 Certifi...
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💬 2021-07-11 Ssa: Why you should give certificate to amezon and amezon to cowin

💬 2014-05-11 Ashok: Nice

Chambers of Commerce Root Certificate - E394F5B14DE9DBA1295B578B4D760676E1D1A28A
Certificate Summary: Subject: Chambers of Commerce Root Issuer: Chambers of Commerce Root Expiration: 2037-09-30 16:13:44 UTC Key Identifier: E3:94:F5:B1:4D:E9:DB:A1:29:5B: 57:8B:4D:76:06:76:E1:D1:A2:8AReceived at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-10-25 Chambers of Commerce Root Certificate - E394F5B14DE9DBA12...
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💬 2020-09-08 Stephen keith stevekeith502@gm: 862P692M+8P... I'm pretty sure I've been tapped hacked when I do a hard reset its code is memes deadpool. I need help fixing my ...

💬 2018-08-17 Brooke: How on Earth does thus get onto one's device, anyhow?

💬 2017-05-17 SUJAL: Hi Iam ONE of the ROCK

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Global Chambersign Root - 2008 Certificate - B909CA9C1EDBD36C3A6BAEED54F15B9306352E5E
Certificate Summary: Subject: Global Chambersign Root - 2008 Issuer: Global Chambersign Root - 2008 Expiration: 2038-07-31 12:31:40 UTC Key Identifier: B9:09:CA:9C:1E:DB:D3:6C:3A:6B: AE:ED:54:F1:5B:93:06:35:2E:5EReceived at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-11-02 Global Chambersign Root - 2008 Certificate - B9...
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💬 2022-02-04 FYIcenter.com: @Charlie, you should run some antivirus tool to clean up your device first. The tool will also restore the certificates for you.

💬 2022-01-09 Charlie C Nguyen: My device has been compromised and how do I know which certification is the right for my device? Is there a way identifying in t...

💬 2020-11-26 Shawn Sunnarborg: I need to ask about this certificate. Is there any way someone who knows about this and why I am here please tell me.

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Microsoft "certutil -viewstore" Command Options
How can I use Microsoft "certutil -viewstore" command? What are command options supported by "certutil -viewstore"? The document says "Dump certificate store". Microsoft "certutil -viewstore" command can be used to view certificates from a certificate store in an pop-up window. Here are options supp...
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Save OpenSSL Command Output to File
How to save the output of an OpenSSL command into a file? I want to make a copy of the server certificate display in the "s_client -connect" command output. If want to save the output an OpenSSL command into a file, you need to run the entire OpenSSL command at the Windows command prompt with the Wi...
2021-11-19, 33988👍, 1💬

💬 2021-11-19 ts.gil.com.pk: openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -sha256 -out ts_gil_com_pk.csr -keyout ts_gil_com_pk.key -subj "/CN=ts.gil.com.pk/C=US"

Microsoft "certutil -verify" Command Options
How can I use Microsoft "certutil -verify" command? What are command options supported by "certutil -verify"? The document says "Verify certificate, CRL or chain". Microsoft "certutil -verify" command can be used to verify (validate) certificate saved in a certificate file. Here are options supporte...
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Password for "trusted.certs" - Java User Keystore
What is the default password for the Java user-level trusted certificate keystore: "trusted.certs"? I want to open it with "keytool" commands. The default password for the Java user-level trusted certificate keystore "trusted.certs" is blank: "". Try the following "keytool" command: C:\Users\fyicent...
2021-06-11, 32724👍, 6💬

💬 2021-06-11 Urs: well this 6 character password made me crazy for importing a certificate to user. this is how I did: just look that you have a e...

💬 2016-06-08 FYIcenter.com: Hi Suyash, "changeit" is the default password for "cacerts" keystore file, not for the "trusted.certs" file. Thanks for you comm...

💬 2016-06-06 Suyash Patel: use "changeit" as password

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www.alipay.com Certificate - 0DA6E43CB182AB9A23BE93F66AB30B2970B99DD3
Certificate Summary: Subject: www.alipay.com Issuer: VeriSign Class 3 International Server CA - G3 Expiration: 2012-12-18 23:59:59 UTC Key Identifier: 0D:A6:E4:3C:B1:82:AB:9A:23:BE: 93:F6:6A:B3:0B:29:70:B9:9D:D3Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-10-24 www.alipay.com Certificate - 0DA6E43CB182AB9A23B...
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OpenSSL rsautl "data too large for key size" Error
Why am I getting the "data too large for key size" error, when using OpenSSL "rsautl" command to encrypt a large file? Because of the nature of the RSA algorithm, a single encryption process can only encrypt input data that is smaller than the modulus value of the RSA key. In other words, the size (...
2021-05-04, 31423👍, 1💬

Certificate Manager Command "certmgr.exe" on Windows
Where to find tutorials on using certificate manager command line tool "certmgr.exe" on Windows? Here is a collection of tutorials on using certificate manager command line tool "certmgr.exe" on Windows compiled by FYIcenter.com team. Topics include: How to start "certmgr.exe" on Windows? How to lis...
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Google Internet Authority G2 Certificate - 4ADD06161BBCF668B576F581B6BB621ABA5A812F
Certificate Summary: Subject: Google Internet Authority G2 Issuer: GeoTrust Global CA Expiration: 2015-04-04 15:15:55 UTC Key Identifier: 4A:DD:06:16:1B:BC:F6:68:B5:76: F5:81:B6:BB:62:1A:BA:5A:81:2FReceived at FYIcenter.com on: 2016-10-27
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💬 2014-10-28 Luis: Bueno

💬 2014-10-25 Luis: exelente

💬 2013-11-18 afzaal: get rid from unsorted risks

"keytool -printcertreq" Command Examples - Print CSR Info
How to use the "keytool -printcertreq" command? I received a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file and want to see the owner and public key information in the CSR file. Here is an example of using "keytool -printcertreq" command to display owner and public key information stored in a CSR (Certifica...
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Microsoft "certutil" No local Certification Authority Error
Why I am getting the "No local Certification Authority; use -config option" error when running Microsoft "certutil" commands? Many Microsoft "certutil" commands applies to certificates saved in certficate stores on your local computer. But some other "certutil" commands applies to certificates maint...
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Java Trusted Certificates Location on Windows
Where is the default trusted certificate keystore file located on my Windows computer? I think I have Java 7 installed. If you have Java installed on your Windows computer, you can find the default trusted certificate keystore file in the $JAVA_HOME folder, which is normally at "\Program Files\java\...
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