Downloading and Installing Portecle


How to download Portecle and install it for Windows or Linux?



If you want to use Portecle to generate and manage certificates you can download and install Portecle on Windows or Linux systems following this tutorial. And it's free!

1. Go to Portecle download site.

2. Click "Files" in the menu. You see the Portecle download folder page showing up.

3. Click "Portecle" > "1.9" folder. Then click "" file to start download the Portecle 1.9 binary package. The package works for Windows, Linux, and all other platforms.

4. Unzip the downloaded file "" to folder "\local\portecle-1.9".

5. Make sure you have Java SE 8 or later installed on your computer.

6. Start a command line window and run the following command to start Portecle 1.9:

C:\fyicenter>java -jar \local\portecle-1.9\portecle.jar

You see Portecle 1.9 application window showing up. You can read \local\portecle-1.9\README.txt for additional help on installation.


General Questions on Portecle

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