Use CA Certs Keystore with Portecle


How to use a CA certs keystore with Portecle?



Extra certificates from a CA certs keystore can be considered when forming trust paths and attempting to match root certificates. This is relevant when importing trusted certificates and CA replies. To use a CA certs keystore:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
  2. The Options dialog will be displayed. Select the CA Certs Keystore tab.
  3. Tick the Use CA Certs Keystore check box.
  4. The default CA Certs Keystore is the cacerts file bundled with Java. To change to another keystore:
    • Press the Browse button.
    • The Choose CA Certs Keystore dialog will appear.
    • Select the folder where the keystore file is located.
    • Type the filename into the File Name text box.
    • Click on the Choose button.
  5. Press the OK button to save your settings and dismiss the Options dialog.
  6. The use of the CA certs keystore is now enabled. The first time that you attempt to import a trusted certificate or CA Reply in a Portecle session you will be prompted for the CA certs keystore password. The default password for cacerts file bundled with Java is changeit.


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