Import CA Signed Certificate to Keystore with Portecle


How to import a my certificate signed by a CA back to my private key and public key entry in my keystore?



If you send a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file to a CA (Certificate Authority) for signing, they will return you a certificate file that contains your public key signed by them. You can import this certificate back your keystore and link to your original private key and public key pair as shown in this example.

1. Run Portecle and open "FYIcenter.jks" keystore file.

2. Click Tools > Import Trusted Certificate.

3. Locate "getacert.cer" and click "Import". You see a warning message box showing up: "Could not establish a trust path for the certificate. The certificate information will now be displayed after which you may confirm whether or not you trust the certificate."

4. Click OK and click OK again when you see certificate details.

5. Click "Yes to confirm that you trust certificate.

6. Enter "getacert" as the alias name and click OK You have's certificate in your keystore now. This is needed, because Portecle will not let you import your certificate signed by unless you have their certificate declared as trusted.

7. Right mouse click on "4096-rsa-key-pair" and select "Import CA Reply". You see "Import CA Reply" box showing up.

8. Locate "FYIceter.cer" and click "Import". Your key pair entry is updated now with a certificate signed by


CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with Portecle

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