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How to test my CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file generated by Portecle?



If can test your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) file by using the free signing service:

1. Go to and click "Submit certificate signing request(CSR)". You see a CSR submission form.

2. Open "FYIcenter.csr" file in a text editor.

3. Copy the entire content in FYIcenter.csr and paste it to the form.

4. Click SubmitCSR. You see 3 files returned from

Your signed public certificate/key(.cer)
   Your public certificate signed by
   Download and save it "FYIcenter.cer".

In pem format(.pem):
   Same as above with more information.
   Download and save it "FYIcenter.pem".
Getacert's public certificate/key(.cer):'s own public key certificate.
   Download and save it "getacert.cer".


CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with Portecle

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