Create Keystore in JKS Format with Portecle


How to a keystore file in JKS (Java KeyStore) format with Portecle? I want to use it to store certificates for my Java applications.



If you want to create a keystore file in JKS format and you are tired of using the JDK keytool commands, you can try the Portecle GUI tool.

1. Run Portecle.

2. Click File > New Keystore in the menu.

3. Select "JKS" as the keystore type and click OK You have an empty JKS keystore created in Portecle.

4. Click File > Save Keystore as... in the menu. You see "Set Keystore Password" box showing up.

5. Enter "FYIcenter" as the password and click OK

6. Enter "FYIcenter.jks" as the file name and click Save You have an empty JKS keystore file created.


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