Tool for cert8.db and key3.db Files - Mozilla "certutil"


What tool to use to manage cert8.db and key3.db files directly? I know cert8.db and key3.db are used by Firefox to store CA certificates.



cert8.db and key3.db are created by Firefox automatically to store CA certificates. Normally, you should use the Firefox built-in Certificate Manager to manage cert8.db file. See other tutorials for more details.

But if you want to manage cert8.db directly, you can use the Mozilla Certificate Database Tool called "certutil". Visit certutil home page for more details.

Main functions of "certutil" are:

  • Creating a New Certificate Database
  • Listing Certificates in a Database
  • Creating a Certificate Request
  • Creating a Certificate
  • Adding a Certificate to the Database
  • Validating a Certificate


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