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What is sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker?



sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker is an online tool that checks a specified Website to see if its SSL/TLS certificate is installed correctly or not. sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker can also be used to test mail servers and other secure services.

Here is the description provided by sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker: "Test SSL/TLS implementation of any service on any port for compliance with industry best-practices, NIST guidelines and PCI DSS requirements."

You can follow these steps to try sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker:

1. Go to

2. Enter the URL of the Website you want to check, for example,

3. Click "Check" button. You will see the output of the test:

General Information:
    Resolves to
    Expiration date    Aug 26, 2017
    Vendor signed    Yes
    Hostname    Matches
    Key length    2048
    Server type    Apache

Issued For:
    Common Name
    subjectAltName,,, ...
    Country    US

Issued By:
    Organization    GeoTrust Inc.
    Common name    GeoTrust SSL CA - G3
    Organization unit    NA
    Country    US

Certificate Chain:
    GeoTrust SSL CA - G3
        GeoTrust Global CA

    Serial number    4c:bc:c0:50:84:b9:02:ee:e8:a0:78:b2:41:f5:9b:b3
    Signature algorithm    sha256WithRSAEncryption
    Fingerprint (SHA-1)    0E7C6E5F89EEE96F1721AC192916709A699010B2
    Fingerprint (MD5)    C2FD34549CEF878D7F68080A4F0A66CE

The picture below shows you sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker output on

sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker
sslchecker SSL Certificate Checker


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