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What is Website Debugger? Can I use it download the certificate of a Website?


A Website Debugger is an online tool to dump Website response with technical details for debugging purpose. Website Debugger also dumps the server certificate, if the Website uses HTTPS protocol. This allows you to download the server certificate.

Here is the description provided by "Decode HTML Request and Response header and html content. Supports secure web pages, can determine certificate expiration and signer details. Send custom browser agents, X-Forwarded-For source IP agents and automatically follow redirects."

You can follow these steps to try Website Debugger:

1. Go to

2. Enter the following parameters:

  • URL - The URL of the Website you are visiting like
  • X-Forwarded-For - Select getaCert server ID address.
  • User-Agent - Select iPhone 4, pretending you are using an old iPhone.
  • Host header - Leave it empty.
  • Auto-Follow Location/Redirects - Checked.

3. Click "View!" button. You will see details of the PayPal Web server response with its server certificate. See next tutorial for explanations of the response.

The picture below shows you input fields of the Website Debugger: Website Debugger Inputs Website Debugger Inputs Website Debugger Output Website Monitor

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