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What is FairSSL Online Server SSL Tester?

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FairSSL Online Server SSL Tester is an online tool that checks a specified Website to sse if its SSL/TLS certificate is installed correctly or not.

You can follow these steps to try FairSSL Online Server SSL Tester:

1. Go to https://www.fairssl.se/en/ssltest.

2. Enter the URL of the Website you want to check, for example, www.visa.com.

3. Click "Check SSL" button. You will see the output with these sections

SSL Status:


Debian Bug: OK (it's good!)
Heartbleed Bug: OK (Confirmed Safe)
Test performed on:
www.visa.com gives valid IP
Server name matches the common name.
The certificate expires in 404 days
Testing without sending Server Name Indication (recommended).
Certificate is organization validated.
Received 2 certificates from the server.
Issuer Certificate: GeoTrust SSL CA - G3
Issuer Company: GeoTrust Inc.
Certificate Key: 2048 Bit - Normal security.
Signature Algorithm: SHA256+RSA	

SSL Certificates Received #1:

Common Name: www.visa.com
SANs: promocoesvisa.com.br, www.visa.ca, visa.com, www.corporate.visa.com, ...
Company: Visa International Service Association
Department: Web Services
Location: Foster City,California,US 
SSL+CRL Check: Ok http://gn.symcb.com/gn.crl
Validity: From 27/05-2016 to 27/08-2017

SSL Certificates Received #2:

Common Name: GeoTrust SSL CA - G3
SANs: DirName: CN = SymantecPKI-1-539
Company: GeoTrust Inc.
SSL+CRL Check: Ok http://g1.symcb.com/crls/gtglobal.crl
Validity: From 05/11-2013 to 20/05-2022

The picture befow shows you FairSSL Online Server SSL Tester output on www.visa.com:
FairSSL Online Server SSL Tester


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