Website Monitor


What is Website Monitor?


A Website Monitor is an online tool to check Website to see if it is running or not. Website Debugger also returns primary information of the server certificate, if the Website uses HTTPS protocol.

Here is the description provided by "Decode HTML Monitor WEB Sites, determine certificate expiration and signer details. Enter search string to find on web site."

You can follow these steps to try Website Monitor:

1. Go to

2. Enter this URL:

3. Click "Test!" button. You will see the test result:

  • Monitor Page - Provides a URL that you can use to minitor Google later: string
  • Server UP - Provides the Website status and response time.
  • Server Address - Provides the host name and IP address of the Website.
  • Certificate details - Provides primary information of the server certificate used by the Website. It contains the subject name, which should match the Website host name; the issuer, which should be a trusted root CA.
  • Server response - Provides the status header line from the Website response.
  • Sting match - Indicates if there is any match with your search string.

The picture below shows you Website Monitor: Website Monitor Website Monitor Website Debugger

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