Self-Signed Certificate Generator


What is Self-Signed Certificate Generator?


A Self-Signed Certificate Generator is an online tool that creates self-signed certificates that can be used in this test environment. First, you provide your data as input, the tool generates a public certificate, a private key, and CSR (certificate signing request) for you.

You can follow these steps to try Self-Signed Certificate Generator:

1. Go to

2. Enter your information that well be included in your certificate. For example, you can provide the following:

Hostname or your full name:
Organisation/Company: Donald Inc.
Department: IT
City/Local: New York
State: NY
Country: US
Expiration: 3653

3. Click "Next Page" button and review the information on the confirmation page.

4. Click "Submit Self-Signed Certificate" button. Output will be displayed as hyper links:

Private key :
Certificate request (.csr):
Public key(.cer) :
Entire certificate (pkcs12) :
Note: Your certificate password is the word 'password' (without any quote marks)

The picture below shows you the web page of Self-Signed Certificate Generator: Self-Signed Certificate Generator Certificate Signer SSL Converter

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