Microsoft "certutil" No local Certification Authority Error


Why I am getting the "No local Certification Authority; use -config option" error when running Microsoft "certutil" commands?



Many Microsoft "certutil" commands applies to certificates saved in certficate stores on your local computer. But some other "certutil" commands applies to certificates maintained by CA (Certification Authority) servers.

If you are running a "certutil" command that applies to a CA server on the local computer and there there is no CA server running on your local computer, you will see the "No local Certification Authority; use -config option" error.

For example:

C:\fyicenter>\windows\system32\certutil -ping
CertUtil: No local Certification Authority; use -config option
CertUtil: -ping command FAILED: 0x80070103 (WIN32/HTTP: 259)
CertUtil: No more data is available.


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