Export Key Pair in PKCS #12 Format with Portecle


How to export my private key and public key pair with it's certificates into a PKCS #12 keystore file?

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If you have a private key and public key pair entry in a JKS keystore file, and that entry also has your certificate signed by a CA, you can export that entry into a PKCS #12 keystore file:

1. Run Portecle and open "FYIcetner.jks".

2. Right mouse click on "4096-rsa-key-pair" and select "Export".

3. Select "Private Key and Certificates" as the Export Type.

4. Select "PKCS #12" as the Export Format and click OK.

5. Enter "FYIcenter" as the password for the new PKCS #12 file and click OK.

6. Enter "FYIcenter.p12" as the File Name and click "Export". Your private key and publich key pair entry is exported now.


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