Mozilla "certutil -L" Command Options


How can I use Mozilla "certutil -L" command? What are command options supported by "certutil -L"? The document says "List all certs, or print out a single named cert".



Mozilla "certutil -L" command can be used for 3 purposes:

  • List all certificates in a "cert8.db" file.
  • Print out information of a certificate stored in a "cert8.db" file.
  • Export a certificate from a "cert8.db" file to a certificate file.

Here are options supported by the "certutil -L" command:

-L              List all certs, or print out a single named cert
   -n cert-name      Pretty print named cert (list all if unspecified)
   -d certdir        Cert database directory (default is ~/.netscape)
   -P dbprefix       Cert & Key database prefix
   -X                force the database to open R/W
   -r                For single cert, print binary DER encoding
   -a                For single cert, print ASCII encoding (RFC1113)


Mozilla "certutil -L" - List All Certificates in cert8.db

Using to Mozilla "certutil" Commands

Using to Mozilla "certutil" Commands

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