What Is "certmgr.exe" on Windows


What is "certmgr.exe" on Windows?

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"certmgr.exe" is a Certificate Manager command line tool that allows you to manage certificates, certificate trust lists (CTLs), and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) for Windows systems.

Certmgr.exe performs the following basic functions:

  • Displays certificates, CTLs, and CRLs to the console.
  • Adds certificates, CTLs, and CRLs to a certificate store.
  • Deletes certificates, CTLs, and CRLs from a certificate store.
  • Saves an X.509 certificate, CTL, or CRL from a certificate store to a file.

Certmgr.exe works with two types of certificate stores: StoreFile and system store. It is not necessary to specify the type of certificate store; Certmgr.exe can identify the store type and perform the appropriate operations.

The Certmgr.exe tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio and with the Windows SDK.

For more information, see Certificate Manager Command "certmgr.exe" on Windows tutorials.


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