Install Certificates to "User" Store on Android


How to install my own certificates to my Android device? I have a certificate for my Wi-Fi connection in a file.



If you have a personal certificate for accessing a Wi-Fi network, you can install it to the "User" certificate store on your Android device as shown in this tutorial.

1. Copy the certificate or key store from your computer to the root of your device's internal storage (that is, not in a folder).

2. Go to Settings > Personal > Security > Credential storage > Install from storage.

3. Touch the filename of the certificate or keystore to install. Only certificates that you haven't already installed are displayed.

4. If prompted, enter the key store password and touch OK.

5. Enter a name for the certificate and choose either VPN and apps or Wi-Fi in the credential use menu, and touch OK.

6. Typically, a CA certificate included with a client certificate is installed at the same time. You can also install separate CA certificates using the same steps.

7. If you have not already set a pattern, PIN, or password for your device, you�re prompted to set one up. The type of lock that's acceptable may be predetermined by your system administrator.

8. After a certificate is installed successfully, the copy in storage is deleted.

Certificates file must have .crt, .cer, .p12 or .pfx file extensions.


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