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How to get my certificate signed by as the certificate issuer? Is it free?



If you have a tool that generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you send it to and get it signed by as the issuer. And it is free.

1. Make sure you have your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file ready. You can use the .csr file downloaded from when you generated your self-signed certificate.

2. Go to

3. Click the "Submit certificate signing request (CSR)" link in the menu

4. Open your .csr file in a text editor

5. Copy and paste the CSR content into form

6. Click "SubmitCSR" button

7. Download the following items:

Your signed public certificate/key (.cer)
   This is your public key signed by

In PEM format (.pem)
   Same as above, but in PEM format containing addtional details 
   in clear text. public certificate (.cer)
   This is the public key certificate of, which is 
   self-signed by

The certificate signed by is a valid public key certificate. You can use it for testing purpose as long as you keep it together with certificate, because is not a trusted root CA.

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