Certificate Generation Tool "makecrt.exe" on Windows


Where to find tutorials on using Certificate Generation Tool "makecert.exe" on Windows?

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Here is a collection of tutorials on using Certificate Generation Tool "makecert.exe" on Windows compiled by FYIcenter.com team. Topics include: How to start "makecert.exe" on Windows? How to generate a self-signed certificate with "makecert.exe"? Where is the private key container's location on Windows? How to create private key files on Windows? How to export private keys from key stores on Windows? ...

What Is "makecert.exe" on Windows 7

makecert.exe - List of Command Basic Options

"makecert.exe -n" - Create Test Certificate File

makecert.exe - Private Key Containers Location on Windows 7

"makecert.exe -sk" - Specify Private Key Container

"makecert.exe -ss" - Create Certificate in System Stores

"makecert.exe -ss" - Create New System Certificate Store

"makecert.exe -pe" - Export Private Key from Certificate Store

makecert.exe - List of Command Extended Options

"makecert.exe -sv" - Create Private Key File

"makecert.exe -r" - Create Self-Signed Root Certificate

"makecert.exe -in -eku" - Certificate to Secure Email

"makecert.exe -in -eku" - Certificate for Server Authentication

These tutorials are tested with "makecert.exe" from Visual Studio 8 on Windows 7 in 2016.


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