"makecert.exe -n" - Create Test Certificate File


How to create a test certificate for myself using the "makecert.exe" command?

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You can create a test certificate for yourself using "certmgr.exe -n" command as shown in this tutorial.

1. Run the following command in a command line window to create a certificate with your name "Fred Dews":

"\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bin\makecert.exe" 
-n "CN=Fred Dews" fred.crt


2. Double-click on the output certificate file, "fred.crt". You see general information of your certificate.

makecert.exe - Create Test Certificate
makecert.exe - Create Test Certificate

Note that the previous "makecert.exe" command actually:

  • Generated a pair of private key and public key first with the default algorithm.
  • Signed the public key by the system default root CA: "Root Agency" into a certificate for "Fred Dews".
  • Stored the certificate in a certificate file "fred.crt".
  • The private was not attached to the certificate. It was stored somewhere else by the system.


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