makecert.exe - List of Command Basic Options


How to get a list of basic options supported by the "makecert.exe" command?



You can see a list of basic options supported by running "makecert.exe -?" as shown in this tutorial.

"\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bin\makecert.exe" -?

Usage: MakeCert [ basic|extended options] [outputCertificateFile]
Basic Options
 -sk  <keyName>      Subject's key container name; To be created 
                     if not present
 -pe                 Mark generated private key as exportable
 -ss  <store>        Subject's certificate store name that stores the output
 -sr  <location>     Subject's certificate store location.
                        <CurrentUser|LocalMachine>.  Default to 'CurrentUser'
 -#   <number>       Serial Number from 1 to 2^31-1.  Default to be unique
 -$   <authority>    The signing authority of the certificate
 -n   <X509name>     Certificate subject X500 name (eg: CN=Fred Dews)
 -?                  Return a list of basic options
 -!                  Return a list of extended options


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