makecert.exe - List of Command Extended Options


How to get a list of extended options supported by the "makecert.exe" command? I want to know more options to control how the test certificate should be created.



You can see a list of extended options supported by running "makecert.exe -!" as shown in this tutorial.

"\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bin\makecert.exe" -!

Usage: MakeCert [ basic|extended options] [outputCertificateFile]
Extended Options
 -sc  <file>         Subject's certificate file
 -sv  <pvkFile>      Subject's PVK file; To be created if not present
 -ic  <file>         Issuer's certificate file
 -ik  <keyName>      Issuer's key container name
 -iv  <pvkFile>      Issuer's PVK file
 -is  <store>        Issuer's certificate store name.
 -ir  <location>     Issuer's certificate store location
                        <CurrentUser|LocalMachine>. Default to 'CurrentUser'
 -in  <name>         Issuer's certificate common name.(eg: Fred Dews)
 -a   <algorithm>    The signature algorithm
                        <md5|sha1>.  Default to 'md5'
 -ip  <provider>     Issuer's CryptoAPI provider's name
 -iy  <type>         Issuer's CryptoAPI provider's type
 -sp  <provider>     Subject's CryptoAPI provider's name
 -sy  <type>         Subject's CryptoAPI provider's type
 -iky <keytype>      Issuer key type
 -sky <keytype>      Subject key type
 -l   <link>         Link to the policy information (such as a URL)
 -cy  <certType>     Certificate types
 -b   <mm/dd/yyyy>   Start of the validity period; default to now.
 -m   <number>       The number of months for the cert validity period
 -e   <mm/dd/yyyy>   End of validity period; defaults to 2039
 -h   <number>       Max height of the tree below this cert
 -len <number>       Generated Key Length (Bits)
 -r                  Create a self signed certificate
 -nscp               Include netscape client auth extension
 -eku <oid[<,oid>]>  Comma separated enhanced key usage OIDs
 -?                  Return a list of basic options
 -!                  Return a list of extended options


"makecert.exe -sv" - Create Private Key File

"makecert.exe -pe" - Export Private Key from Certificate Store

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