Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker


What is CSR Checker?



Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker is an online tool that checks a specified Website to sse if its SSL/TLS certificate is installed correctly or not. Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker also checks for known vulnerabilities of the Website.

You can follow these steps to try Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker:

1. Go to

2. Enter the URL of the Website you want to check, for example,

3. Click "Check" button. You will see the output with these sections:

Pass - Certificate is installed correctly:

Info - The BEAST attack is not mitigated on this server.

Certificate information:

OV - This server uses an Organizationally Validated (OV) certificate. 
Information about the site owner has been validated by GeoTrust Inc. 
to help secure personal and financial information.

Common name:
SAN:,,,, ...
Valid from: 2016-May-27 00:00:00 GMT
Valid to: 2017-Aug-26 23:59:59 GMT
Certificate status: Valid
Revocation check method: OCSP 
Organization: Visa International Service Association
Organizational unit: Web Services
City/locality: Foster City
State/province: California
Country: US
Certificate Transparency: Embedded in certificate
Serial number: 4cbcc05084b902eee8a078b241f59bb3
Algorithm type: SHA256withRSA
Key size: 2048

Certificate chain:

GeoTrust SSL CA - G3: Intermediate certificate Tested certificate

Server configuration:

Host name:
Server type: Apache
IP address:
Port number: 443
Secure Renegotiation:  Enabled
Downgrade attack prevention:  Enabled
Next Protocol Negotiation:  Enabled
Session resumption (caching):  Enabled
Session resumption (tickets):  Enabled
Strict Transport Security (HSTS):  Not Enabled
SSL/TLS compression:  Not Enabled
Heartbeat (extension):  Not Enabled
RC4:  Not Enabled
OCSP stapling:  Not Enabled
Protocols enabled: TLS1.2, TLS1.1, TLS1.0
Protocols not enabled: SSLv3, SSLv2

Vulnerabilities checked:

Poodle (TLS)
Poodle (SSLv3)
BEAST - Yellow

The picture befow shows you Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker output on
Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker


Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate Installation Checker Failed Example SSL Certificate Checker Failed Example

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