sslshopper Certificate Decoder


What is sslshopper Certificate Decoder?



sslshopper Certificate Decoder is an online tool that decodes a specified certificate in PEM format and prints out basic information of the certificate.

You can follow these steps to try sslshopper Certificate Decoder:

1. Go to

2. Copy and paste your certificate in PEM into the input box. It will print out basic information from the certificate.

For example, if you try it with the DigiCert Global Root CA certificate, you will get:

Common Name: DigiCert Global Root CA
Organization: DigiCert Inc
Organization Unit:
Country: US
Valid From: November 9, 2006
Valid To: November 9, 2031
Issuer: DigiCert Global Root CA, DigiCert Inc
Serial Number: 083be056904246b1a1756ac95991c74a

The picture below shows you the web page of sslshopper Certificate Decoder:

sslshopper Certificate Decoder
sslshopper Certificate Decoder


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