PKCS #12 Export Error in Portecle


Why I am getting an error: "CryptoException: Could not save keystore"? when exporting my 4096-bit key pair to a PKCS #12 file?



The main reason of getting this error in Portecle is that the key size is too big for the default security setting. See the details below:

1. Run Portecle and open "FYIcetner.jks".

2. Right mouse click on "4096-rsa-key-pair" and select "Export".

3. Select "Private Key and Certificates" as the Export Type.

4. Select "PKCS #12" as the Export Format and click OK.

5. Enter "FYIcenter" as the password for the new PKCS #12 file and click OK.

6. Enter "FYIcenter.p12" as the File Name and click "Export". You see the error message showing up: "net.sf.portecle.crypto.CryptoException: Could not save keystore - One usual suspect for this error is that the unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files for the current JRE may not be installed. Consult the JRE vendor documentation to see if those files are available for it; the directory to install them into is probably c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib\security."

8. Click "Details" button. You see the real JVM error: " exception encrypting data - Illegal key size"

If you read the Java 7 documentation, you will see that JVM only allows you to manage weak keys (Key size in the range from 512 to 1024) by default.

You need download and install the "JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files".


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