How To Download JDK for Windows


How to download JDK for Windows? I want to use the Keytool included in the JDK to generate keys and manage certificates.



If you Windows system does not have JDK pre-installed, you can download the latest release of JDK yourself easily. And it's free!

1. Go to JDK download Web site.

2. Click the "Download" button under JDK in the "Java SE" section.

Selecting Java SE to Download
Selecting Java SE to Download

3. This brings you to the "Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads" page. Check the "Accept License Agreement" radio button. Click "jdk-7u5-windows-i586.exe" near the end of the "Java SE Development Kit 7u5" section to start download. The release # "7u5" may change, if newer releases are available.

Downloading Java SE 7 for Windows
Downloading Java SE 7 for Windows

4. Save the file to the desktop and wait for the download to finish. It may take upto 10 minutes or longer.


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