Make Server Certificate Trusted in Google Chrome


Can I tell Google Chrome to trust a server certificate, even the signing authority is not listed in Google Chrome as trusted authority?



You can make server certificate trusted in Google Chrome by import the certificate of the signing authority in Google Chrome. as shown in this tutorial.

1. Visit Web site with Google Chrome.

2. Click "Proceed anyway" button on the error page to continue.

3. Open the server certificate as shown in the previous tutorial.

4. Click "Certification Path" tab, double-click the root CA name in the path to open its certificate, then click "Details" tab.

4. Click "Copy to File..." button to export the root CA certificate. You see "Export Certificate Wizard" showing up.

5. Follow instructions on the wizard and save the server certificate to file, "C:\fyicenter\cacert_root.cer".

6. Start "Certificate Manager" in Google Chrome.

7. Click "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" tab.

9. Click "Import" button. You see "Import Certificate Wizard" showing up.

10. Click "Next", browse and select "C:\fyicenter\cacert_root.cer" into the "File name" field.

11. Click "Next". You see the Certificate Store selection screen. "Place all certificates in the following store" is checked and "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" is selected as the store.

12. Click "Next" to finish importing "cacert.cer" into Google Chrome as a trusted certificate.

Now you should be able to visit "" without any error.

See the picture below shows you the option to import trusted root CA certificate:
Google Chrome - Import Server Certificate as Trusted


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