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Where to click to get more Website information in Google Chrome? I want to know if the page I am interacting is secure or not.



If a Web page is having "https" as part of the page address, it is a secured page. But if you want to know more information about this page, you need to use context menu in Google Chrome as shown in this tutorial.

1. Run Google Chrome and visit Website and click "Log in" button. You see PayPal login page showing up with "https" as part of the page address.

2. Click on the lock icon next to the Website address box You see web page information displayed. It may say:

PayPal, Inc.
Your connection to the site is private. 

29 from site. 5 from other sites

Location - Ask by default
Camera - Ask by default
Microphone - Ask by default

The first line confirms that your connection is secure. all data exchanged will be encrypted.
Google Chrome - View Page Info


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