Generating self-signed Certificate with


How to generate self-signed certificate with Is it free?



Generating a self-signed certificate with is easy and free:

1. Go to

2. Click the "self-signed Certificate" link in the menu

3. Fill in the "Self-signed certificate details" form

4. Click "Next Page" button

5. Review the information on the confirmation page

6. Click "Submit self-signed Certificate" button

7. Download the following items:

Private key (.pkey) - Keep it for yourself.
Certificate request (.csr) - Send it to CA, if you want it to be CA signed.
Public key (.cer) - This is the self-signed certificate.
Entire certificate (.p12): - All above in one file.

The self-signed certificate is a valid public key certificate signed by it's own private key. It is good for testing purpose only.

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