certmgr.exe - List "My" Personal Certificates


How to get a list of all certificates in "Personal" certificate store using "certmgr.exe"?

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The internal name for the "Personal" system certificate store is called "My". You can see a list of all certificates in "My" certificate store using "certmgr.exe -s My" as shown in this tutorial.

"\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bin\certmgr.exe" -s My

==============Certificate # 1 ==========
  [0,0] (CN) l
  [0,0] (CN) l
   7F 78 6A B8
SHA1 Thumbprint::
      0D0401E3 5BD951FE 4B2BB573 295D4E0C 69B3198F
MD5 Thumbprint::
      30BA1DC7 8EB9C327 188D7D3B B2D98AD6
Key MD5 Thumbprint::
      FFEB483F 3A6A98E2 5E8752E1 531206A7
Provider Type:: 13 Provider Name:: Microsoft Base DSS and Diffie-Hellman 
Cryptographic Provider Container: {AEA36CB8-D8BC-4153-B8AF-555F8EF30F9A} 
KeySpec: 2
  Wed Jul 25 21:36:45 2012
  Tue Oct 23 21:36:45 2012
==============No CTLs ==========
==============No CRLs ==========

What you are getting from this tutorial:

  • '-s' tells command to use a system certificate store instead of a store file.
  • 'My' specifies the name for the system certificate store. "My" is the name of the "Personal" certificate store of the logged in user. Other store names are "AuthRoot", "Root", "Trust", "CA", "Disallowed", etc.
  • The output shows 1 certificate, which should be the "linda@fyicenter.com" certificate imported in previously. But somehow "certmgr.exe" only print out the first letter "l" as the Common Name (CN).


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