Mozilla "certutil -A" Command Options


How can I use Mozilla "certutil -A" command? What are command options supported by "certutil -A"? The document says "Add a certificate to the database".



Mozilla "certutil -A" command can be used to import a certificate into the "cert8.db" file.

Here are options supported by the "certutil -A" command:

-A   Add a certificate to the database (create if needed)
   -n cert-name   Specify the nickname of the certificate to add
   -t trustargs   Set the certificate trust attributes:
                     p   valid peer
                     P   trusted peer (implies p)
                     c   valid CA
                     T   trusted CA to issue client certs (implies c)
                     C   trusted CA to issue server certs (implies c)
                     u   user cert
                     w   send warning
                     g   make step-up cert
   -f pwfile      Specify the password file
   -d certdir     Cert database directory (default is ~/.netscape)
   -P dbprefix    Cert & Key database prefix
   -a             The input certificate is encoded in ASCII (RFC1113)
   -i input       Specify the certificate file (default is stdin)


Mozilla "certutil -A -i" - Add Certificate to cert8.db File

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