OpenSSL "genpkey" Command Options


What can I use OpenSSL "genpkey" command for? What are options supported by the "genpkey" command?



OpenSSL "genpkey" command is a utility to generate of private key or parameters.

Note that "genpkey" command is replacing the old "genrsa", 'gendsa", "gendh" and "dsaparam" commands.

Here are options supported by the "genpkey" command:


OpenSSL> genpkey -help
Unknown cipher help
Usage: genpkey [options]
where options may be
-out file          output file
-outform X         output format (DER or PEM)
-pass arg          output file pass phrase source
-<cipher>          use cipher <cipher> to encrypt the key
-engine e          use engine e, possibly a hardware device.
-paramfile file    parameters file
-algorithm alg     the public key algorithm
-pkeyopt opt:value set the public key algorithm option <opt>
                   to value <value>
-genparam          generate parameters, not key
-text              print the in text

NB: options order may be important!  See the manual page.
error in genpkey


OpenSSL "genpkey -algorithm rsa" - Generate RSA Key

OpenSSL "genpkey" Command for RSA Keys

OpenSSL "genpkey" Command for RSA Keys

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