What Is Keychain Password on Mac


What is the Keychain password on Mac computer?

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Keychain is a secured container that holds passwords for your online accounts, personal certificates and other security related information on your Mac computer.

When you make changes to items stored in keychains using Keychain Access, it may prompt you to enter the password that protects each individual keychain.

If you are not using Keychain Access frequently, you may have a hard time to find the password. Here are some suggestions that might help you to resolve this problem.

1. You found the keychain password - Good. Enter it.

2. Keychain password is in sync with login password - By default, keychain passwords are set in sync with login passwords. So enter your login password and try it.

3. The password of the default keychain changed - The password of the default keychain (called "login" keychain) were changed and no longer in sync with the login password.

There is no way to reset the password on this keychain. You have to rename "login" keychain to something else and create a new empty default keychain.

You can also use the "Reset My Default Keychain" function inside Keychain Access to perform the above task automatically. Just click "Keychain Access > Preferences > General > Reset My Default Keychain" from the menu.

In both cases, your online passwords and personal certificates in the old keychain will be maintained as read-only.

3. The password of the custom keychain changed - If you have created custom keychain and forgot its password, there is no way to reset it.

You have to lead the old keychain as read-only, and create a new empty custom keychain. This time, pick a password that you will never forget.


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