Import Key Pair with Portecle


How to import a key pair with Portecle?



To import a key pair into a keystore from a PKCS #12 keystore or PEM bundle file:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Import Key Pair. Alternatively click on the Import Key Pair toolbar button.
  2. The Choose Key Pair File for Import dialog will appear.
  3. Select the folder where the required PKCS #12 or PEM bundle file is stored.
  4. Click on the required PKCS #12 or PEM bundle file or type the filename into the File Name text box.
  5. Click on the Choose button.
  6. If the selected file was a PEM bundle containing encrypted private keys, one or more Password for Private Key X dialogs will appear, one fore each such key. Enter the private key password into the dialog and press OK.
  7. If the selected file was not a PEM bundle containing key pairs, the PKCS #12 Keystore Password dialog will appear. Enter the PKCS #12 keystore's password into the dialog and press OK.
  8. The Import Key Pair dialog will appear populated with the aliases of all key pairs present in the loaded PKCS #12 keystore or PEM bundle.
  9. When you select a key pair its algorithm will be displayed. You may also view each key pair's certificate details by pressing the Certificate Details button.
  10. Select the required key pair and press the Import button.
  11. The Key Pair Entry Alias dialog will appear.
  12. Enter the alias of the new key pair and press OK.
  13. If the current keystore type is not PKCS #12:
    • The Key Pair Entry Password dialog will be displayed.
    • Enter the key entry's password into the dialog and press OK.
  14. The new key pair entry will appear in the keystore entries table with the chosen alias.


Managing Key Pair with Portecle

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