OpenSSL "ans1parse -genstr" - Single Primitive Field DER File


How to generate a DER file with a single data field using the OpenSSL "ans1parse" command?



You can use the OpenSSL "ans1parse -genstr" command to generate a DER file with a single data field. You just need to specify the field type and field value separated by ":".

Here are some examples of using "ans1parse -genstr" command:


OpenSSL> asn1parse -genstr "INTEGER:255" -noout -out integer.der

OpenSSL> asn1parse -genstr "IA5STRING:Hello World!" -noout -out ascii.der

OpenSSL> asn1parse -genstr "UTF8:Hello World!" -noout -out utf8.der

OpenSSL> asn1parse -genstr "GENERALIZEDTIME:20161231235959Z" -noout -out time.der

OpenSSL> asn1parse -genstr "NUMERIC:3.14159" -noout -out numeric.der

OpenSSL> exit;

C:\Users\fyicenter>type integer.der

C:\Users\fyicenter>type ascii.der
▬♀Hello World!

C:\Users\fyicenter>type utf8.der
♀♀Hello World!

C:\Users\fyicenter>type time.der

C:\Users\fyicenter>type numeric.der

By the way, the "-genstr" option does not support SEQUENCE field type. You have to use the "-genconf" option to generate SEQUENCE ASN.1 structure.


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