Certificate Stores under "LocalMachine" in Windows PowerShell


What are certificate stores under the "LocalMachine" location in Windows PowerShell?

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Certificate stores under the "LocalMachine" location hold certificates generic to all users and applications on the local machine to the current logged in user. You can see them using the "dir" command on the "Cert:\LocalMachine" directory:

PS C:\fyicenter> cd Cert:
PS Cert:\> cd .\LocalMachine
PS Cert:\LocalMachine> dir

Name : TrustedPublisher
Name : testCertStore
Name : Remote Desktop
Name : Root
Name : McAfee Trust
Name : Disallowed
Name : TrustedDevices
Name : CA
Name : Windows Live ID Token Issuer
Name : AuthRoot
Name : StoreFile.str
Name : TrustedPeople
Name : My
Name : SmartCardRoot
Name : Trust
Name : publisher
Name : SMS


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