Certificate Stores under "CurrentUser" in Windows PowerShell


What are certificate stores under the "CurrentUser" location in Windows PowerShell?

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Certificate stores under the "CurrentUser" location hold certificates specific to the current logged in user. You can see them using the "dir" command on the "Cert:\CurrentUser" directory:

PS C:\fyicenter> cd Cert:
PS Cert:\> cd .\CurrentUser
PS Cert:\CurrentUser> dir

Name : TrustedPublisher - Trusted Publisher
Name : McAfee Trust - McAfee Trust
Name : Root - Third-Party Root Certification Authorities
Name : UserDS 
Name : CA - Intermediate Certification Authorities
Name : ACRS
Name : AuthRoot - Trusted Root Certification Authorities
Name : publisher - Publisher
Name : TrustedPeople - Trusted People
Name : My - Personal
Name : SmartCardRoot - Smart Card Trusted Roots
Name : Trust
Name : Disallowed - Untrusted Certificates


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