Java Control Panel - Import Certificate


How to import a certificate as a user-level trusted certificate using Java Control Panel?



If you obtained a certificate and want make it as user-level trusted certificate for Java applications, you can use Java Control Panel with these steps:

1. Start "Java Control Panel" in "Windows Control Panel" under the "Programs" category.

2. Click "Security" tab, then "Certificates..." button.

3. Change "Certificate Type" to "Trusted Certificates", and click "User" tab.

4. Click "Import" button. Change "Files of type" to "All Files" on the "Open" dialog box.

Java Control Panel - Import Certificate
Java Control Panel - Import Certificate

5. Locate the certificate file to be imported, for example, facebook_cert.pem. Click "Open" button. The certificate will be imported into the user-level trusted certificate keystore.


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