Change Keystore File Type with Portecle


How to change a keystore file type with Portecle?



To change a keystore's type:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose the Change Keystore Type sub-menu.
  2. From this menu you can choose between supported keystore types.
  3. Choose the menu item corresponding to the required type. Note that the current type will be disabled.
  4. The keystore type will now be changed.
    • If the current keystore type is not PKCS #12, any of the keystore's entries are of type Key Pair and you have yet to supply the password for the entry then the Key Pair Entry Password dialog will be displayed for each of the key pair entries. Enter the key pair entry's password and acknowledge the dialog by pressing OK.
    • If the current keystore type is PKCS #12 then any key pair entries will have their password set to 'password'.
    • Keystore entries of type Key will be lost in the change if the action is confirmed.
    • When converting from a keystore type that supports case sensitive entry aliases to one that does not, an option to abort the action is offered if a potential problem is detected.


Managing Keystore Files with Portecle

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