Start "Certificate Manager" from Google Chrome


How to start the "Certificate Manager" from Google Chrome? I heard that it can be used to manage trusted CA certificates and personal certificates for Google Chrome.



To start "Certificate Manager" from Google Chrome, you need to use the "Settings > Privacy and Security" menu as shown below:

1. Run Google Chrome.

2. Click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu icon. You see a pop up menu.

3. Click the "Settings" entry in the pop up menu. You see a Settings page displayed.

Access Settings in Google Chrome
Access Settings in Google Chrome

4. Click the "Privacy and Security" link in the left menu. You see a sub-menu of more options.

5. Click the "Security" link in the sub-menu. You see security settings displayed.

6. Scroll down and click "Manage certificates" button near the end of the page. You see the certificate manager from the operating system launched and displayed.

Google Chrome Settings - Manage Certificates
Google Chrome Settings - Manage Certificates

For different operating systems, the "certificate manager" is called differently:


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