Details View of Certificate in Firefox


How to view detailed information of a certificate in Firefox? I want to know in which country the owner of the certificate is located.



To view detailed information of a certificate in Firefox, you can double-click on the Certificate name in the certificate list and go to the "Details" tab as shown below:

1. Start "Certificate Manager" in Firefox.

2. Click "Authorities" tab. You see the list of root CA (Certificate Authorities) certificates showing up.

3. Scroll down in the list and double click on the certificate you are interested in. For example, double-click on "DigiCert Global Root CA" under "DigiCert Inc". You see the Certificate Viewer showing up.

4. Click "Details" tab. You see details of the certificate showing up.

5. Click "Subject" in the Certificate Fields. You see the value of "Subject" showing up the country of the owner: Firefox - Certificate Viewer - Details Tab

The country of the owner is US.


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