OpenSSL "dsaparam" Command Options


What can I use OpenSSL "dsaparam" command for? What are options supported by the "dsaparam" command?



OpenSSL "dsaparam" command is a utility to generate DSA parameter files that are needed to generate DSA private key and public key pairs. Because generating DSA parameters is a slow job, DSA key generation process is divided into 2 steps: generating DSA parameters and generating DSA keys from DSA parameters.

Here are options supported by the "dsaparam" command:


OpenSSL> dsaparam -help

dsaparam [options] [bits] <infile >outfile
where options are
 -inform arg   input format - DER or PEM
 -outform arg  output format - DER or PEM
 -in arg       input file
 -out arg      output file
 -text         print as text
 -C            Output C code
 -noout        no output
 -genkey       generate a DSA key
 -rand         files to use for random number input
 -engine e     use engine e, possibly a hardware device.
 bits        number of bits to use for generating private key
error in dsaparam


OpenSSL "dsaparam" - Generate DSA Parameters

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