OpenSSL "rsautl -decrypt" - Decryption with RSA Private Key


How to decrypt a file with the RSA private key using OpenSSL "rsautl" command? I received a file that is encrypted with my RSA public key.



If you receive a file encrypted with your RSA public key and want to decrypt the file with your RSA private key, you can use the OpenSSL "rsault -decrypt" command as shown below:

OpenSSL> rsautl -decrypt -inkey my_rsa.key -in cipher.txt -out decipher.txt
OpenSSL> exit

C:\Users\fyicenter>type decipher.txt
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Options used in the "rsautl" command are:

  • "-decrypt" - Decrypt the input data with RSA keys.
  • "-inkey my_rsa_pub.key" - Read RSA key, the private key, from the given file.
  • "-in cipher.txt" - Read input data, the cipher text, from the given file.
  • "-out decipher.txt" - Save output data, the decipher text, to the given file.


OpenSSL "rsautl" Command for RSA Keys

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