Certificate Assistant - Private Key of Self-Signed Certificate


How to view the private key of self-signed certificate using Certificate Assistant on Mac computer?

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If you have a self-signed certificate generated by Certificate Assistant on you Mac computer, you can view the private key attached to the certificate as shown in this tutorial.

1. Open "Launchpad > Other". You see "Keychain Access" app icon.

2. Click "Keychain Access" icon to launch it. You see "Keychain Access" window.

3. Click "login" in the "Keychains" list on left. And select "Certificates" in the "Category" list. You see a list of certificates.

4. Scroll the list, you will find newly generated certificate, *.fyicenter.com.

5. Click the arrow icon next to the certificate name to expand it. You see the attached private key entry.

6. Double-click on the private key. You see the private key window with "Attributes" tab open:

Kind: private key, RSA, 2048-bit
Usage: Any

7. Click "Access Control" tab. You see access settings:

[ ] Allow all applications to access this item 
[x] Confirm before allowing access
  [ ] Ask for Keychain password

Always allow access by these applications:
  Certificate Assistant 

8. Make changes as needed and save changes.

Certificate Assistant - Private Key Attached to Certificate
Certificate Assistant - Private Key Attached to Certificate


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