5 Certificate Categories in Firefox


What are different categories of certificates in Firefox? I see Firefox lists certificates in 5 categories on Certificate Manager.

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Firefox stores certificates in 5 categories. You can see them listed on 5 tabs on the Certificate Manager:

1. Run Firefox and go to "Tools > Options" menu.

2. Click "Advanced > Certificates" tab and "View Certificates" button. You see Certificate Manager with 5 tabs:

  • Your Certificates - Stores your own personal certificates. Usually, you don't have any certificates that represents your identify.
  • People - Stores personal certificates of other people.
  • Servers - Stores certificates of website servers that could be validated by root CA. It seems to have two sub categories: "Lifetime = Temporary" is for certificates to be used termporarily as exceptions. "Lifetime = Permanent" is for certificates to be permannetly disabled (not trusted forever).
  • Authorities - Stores root CA certificates that Firefox provided to you at the time of installation. Firefox updates will keep them upto date.
  • Others - Stores any other certificates.

The picture below shows you 5 certificate categories in Firefox: Firefox - Certificate Categories


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