Validation Path of Server Certificate in Firefox


How to see the signing chain or the validation path of a server certificate in Firefox? I want to know the root CA who signs the last certificate in the certificate path.



If you are visiting a Web site that uses a "https" address with Firefox, you can view the server certificate path of the site to see who is the root CA that signs the the last certificate in the certificate path as shown in this tutorial:

1. Visit Web site with Firefox.

2. Open the server certificate as shown in the previous tutorial.

3. Click "Details" tab. You see "Certificate Hierarchy" and other sections showing up.

4. Click the top name in the Certificate Hierarchy list: "VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5"

5. Click "Issuer" in the Certificate Fields list. You see the issuer value showing up. The root CA is "VeriSign, Inc." Firefox - View Server Certificate Path


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