EC 256-Bit Public Key - F6850A3B1186E1047D0EAA0B2CD2EECC647B7BAE


Key Summary:

Type: EC 256-Bit Public Key
Identifier: F6:85:0A:3B:11:86:E1:04:7D:0E:AA:0B:2C:D2:EE:CC:64:7B:7B:AE
Name: Sectigo ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA

Received at on: 2023-01-30

Public Key Detailed Information:

Key Details:
   Type: EC
   Size (bits): 256
   Curve Name: 
   Curve OID: 
   Public key (x): 
   Public key (y): 

Public Key in PEM Format:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Identical or Similar Keys: We found that this key partially or fully matches key(s) recorded previously.

ID      Type Size Pri/Pub Key Identifier   Date       Comparison 
        EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2023-01-30 This Key   
10695   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2021-04-06 Exact Match
14459   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2022-11-29 Exact Match
16663   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2023-08-24 Exact Match
18900   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2023-08-29 Exact Match
21011   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2023-09-29 Exact Match
22243   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2024-02-10 Exact Match
22577   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2024-03-24 Exact Match
22785   EC   256  Public  F6850A3B1186E... 2024-04-19 Exact Match

Certificates with the Same Key: We found that this key matches certificate(s) recorded previously . Please review them below. If priviate key matches someone else's certificate, stop using it!

ID      Common Name (CN)       Key Identifier   Date       Comparison 
10694   Sectigo ECC Domain ... F6850A3B1186E... 2021-04-06 Same Key ID


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